Who We Are

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We produce highly specific proprietary feed ingredients and formulations. R&D LifeSciences is a research and development company that emphasizes using biology based science to work with living organisms and their organization, life processes and relationships to each other in their environment to develop new and exciting products for our world’s future! The development of innovative biotech solutions!

R&D LifeSciences has a “Green business” that adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for our customers, their employees and consumers! Our company colors are represented in our core beliefs. Green symbolizes the natural world of life or biology. Blue represents trust, loyalty and stability.






Our Research and Development
Team core competences

Develop novel feed ingredients

RDL developed novel feed ingredients for today’s markets. We manufacture novel, cost effective and highly efficient products like Zymace® and Trigestamace® using proprietary technology. RDL scientific staff is constantly working on improving the products and the processes. RDL has the ability to produce many of the leading non-drug feed ingredients similar to products currently on market. Call us to find out if you can save money on some of the products you’re currently using!

Develop new and exciting technology

RDL has deeveloped new and exciting technology driven products like Lactomace®, Protemace® and Calface®. Protemace is a unique and patented natural technology to produce a stabilized formulation of whole egg targeted proteins to enhance overall health status, higher daily gains and higher feed conversions when used as a supplement to regular animal health diets. Lactomace is a proprietary blend of metabolites designed for dairy producers. It is specifically formulated to optimize digestion and get more utilization out of forages by increasing starch, cellulose and protein digestbility.

Manufacture custom private label products

For customers looking for their own proprietary formulations, RDL can develop a wide variety of combinations and unique product blends. We can be the value-added ingredient supplier that differentiates your product from the competition!!! R&D LifeSciences' desire is to be a global leader in providing technology-enabled product solutions and services. We desire to build a trusted long-term relationship with each of our customers.

Why R&D LifeSciences was formed

Four key influences are happening in the world today that were the driving force in the development and design of R&D LifeSciences and why the company was founded.

The need to address replacing antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed as consumers grow concerned about the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Alternative approaches to antibiotic therapy need to be developed.

The cost of animal feed commodities like corn are at an all-time high and the need for better utilization from the products that are being fed to commercial livestock is required. Regional climate changes and use of corn for ethanol production are just two of the reasons for these price increases.

As the world climate changes and weather patterns turn to longer, hotter and dryer summers, animals are subjected to heat stress. This is also the cause of poor quality forages due to drought.

50-100-70 Concept - In the year 2050, the world’s population will need 100% more food, and 70% of the increase will need to come from technology.

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