Pushing the Limits of Innovation in Animal Nutrition

Backed by Science, Driven by Results

R&D LifeSciences (RDL) is a research and development company with a passionate team driven by science who create innovative biotech solutions. Our boutique approach to feed additives allows us to deliver highly-specific, proprietary feed ingredients and formulations.

By leveraging an understanding of living organisms and their organization, life processes and relationships to each other in their environment, our microbiologists develop unique products to solve the challenges of today’s–and tomorrow’s–production animal environments. Our goal is to provide solutions that support animal health and performance, thereby improving bottom line revenue for producers.






Why Producers Rely on RDL

Experts in Fermentation

Using our own medium, RDL scientists developed a unique fermentation process that allows us to deliver consistent products that are more effective in improving feed conversion. Since we manufacturer all our products in-house, we control the quality which translates to better results—especially as the fermentation improves with each cycle.

Science that Delivers Savings

We know science. It’s why we can produce so many novel feed ingredients for today’s diverse and evolving markets. While our main focus is on manufacturing efficient, cost-effective products the industry respects, like Zymace® and Trigestamace®, we can also produce products similar to many of the leading non-drug feed ingredients currently on market—a cost savings for many producers.

Custom Solutions for Unique Situations

When standard solutions aren’t the right fit, RDL can develop a custom blend that accounts for all nutritional and environmental nuances. By building long-term relationships with our customers, we are able to gain insight and add greater value to every product.

Together We Can Do Great Things

Our world is changing and only those who change with it will thrive. In animal production, that means a nimble approach to maintaining adequate, affordable nutrition. That is why our R&D is driven by:

A search for alternative approaches to antibiotic therapies that address the replacement of antibiotics as growth promoters as well as concerns about antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The need for better utilization from commercial livestock feed. The cost of feed commodities is at an all-time high and are only likely to rise. Greater nutritional utilization is necessary for profitability.

Changes in the global climate that are increasing instances of heat stress and poor-quality forages.

The 50/100/70 concept that states by 2050 the world’s population will need 100% more food and that 70% of the increase will need to come from technology.

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