Gut HealthThe Vitality of Rumen and Gut Health

In the realm of dairy farming, the path to excellence is intricately linked to the well-being of your animals’ digestive systems, particularly their rumen and gut health. These often-overlooked elements are the driving force behind optimal milk production and overall animal health. Picture the rumen as a fermentation chamber where complex feed components are transformed into essential nutrients. A healthy rumen ensures efficient nutrient absorption, resulting in top-tier milk quality and robust animal well-being. Inside the rumen, a delicate ecosystem of microorganisms maintains a harmonious balance, facilitating smooth digestion.

Enter our precision fermentation blends, the key to turbocharging your animals’ digestion. These blends produce metabolites that accelerate the breakdown of fiber in the rumen, leading to improved nutrient absorption, higher milk yields, and enhanced animal health. Investing in rumen and gut health is an investment in the prosperity of your farm, promising the success and sustainability every farmer dreams of. RD LifeSciences is here to be your partner in nurturing the heart of dairy excellence.

Introducing MEGA 3 from RD LifeSciences – a premium product shaped by years of industry research into the positive impacts of Omega 3s on livestock...
Meet Zymace®, an Aspergillus oryzae 458 fermentation product, consistently aiding in fiber breakdown and absorption in the rumen, thereby unlocking valuable nutrients.
Introducing Lactomace®: our exclusive, drug-free postbiotic blend of SPC Enzymes® (comprising fermentation mix from Aspergillus oryzae, Trichoderma viride, and Bacillus subtilis).
Cattlemace is a unique blend of SPC Enzymes (Aspergillus oryzae 458, Bacillus subtilis 681, and Trichoderma viride 007) designed specifically for your cattle’s needs.
Trigestamace is a specialty blended product made from hydrolysed and fractionated yeast, a rich source of MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharides), Beta Glucans and Enzymes.
SPEC-7 is a specialty formulation comprising Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), beta-glucans, yeast culture, and our proprietary SPC Enzymes. This strategic amalgamation of ingredients …
Introducing Calface Liquid, a specialized supplement designed to give your calves the best possible start in life. Calface is a synergistic blend of metabolites, Mannan...
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