Appetite Stimulant and Digestive Tonic Powered by Lactomace Technology

Navigating the challenges of dairy production requires innovative solutions. Enter Bovimace Gold, a groundbreaking herbal product tailored for the health of dairy cows. Crafted from meticulously tested herbs, Bovimace Gold is proven to stimulate increased salivary secretion, optimize rumen contractions, and bolster the activity and count of beneficial microflora. But that’s not all. We’ve infused this potent formula with Lactomace, a powerful blend of Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, and Trichoderma viride fermentation. This inclusion ensures that the rumen microflora receives essential metabolites, further enhancing digestion and overall rumen health.

With Bovimace Gold, dairy farmers can now provide their cattle with a holistic solution, ensuring optimal health and productivity. Embrace the future of dairy farming with Bovimace Gold.

Understanding the Challenge in Dairy production

In the vast landscape of dairy farming in India, maintaining optimal cattle health is paramount. Often, dairy cows experience off-feed periods, especially post-antibiotic treatments or during illnesses. This not only affects their well-being but also impacts milk production. Indigestion, inappetance, and impaired ruminal function further exacerbate the problem. The rumen’s pH balance and microflora play a crucial role in digestion, and any disruption can lead to significant setbacks. With the increasing demand for dairy products, it’s vital to address these challenges head-on, ensuring that cows receive the necessary support to maintain their digestive health and overall productivity.


Bovimace Gold operates through a multi-faceted approach to optimize dairy cattle health. Firstly, its herbal constituents stimulate salivary secretion, a natural buffer that aids in maintaining the rumen’s pH balance. This ensures a conducive environment for digestion. Concurrently, it enhances rumen contractions, facilitating efficient mixing and breakdown of feed. The product’s unique blend, Lactomace, introduces a fusion of Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, and Trichoderma viride fermentation. This blend enriches the rumen with beneficial metabolites, promoting the growth and activity of advantageous microflora.

Together, these actions synergize to fortify ruminal function, ensuring optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.


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Feeding Recommendation

Bovimace Gold
Bovimace Gold
Dairy Cow & Buffalo 15 gm twice daily
Sheep & Goat 7.5 gm twice daily

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