Understanding the Challenge in Dairy production – Reproductive health

Reproductive health stands as a cornerstone in dairy production optimization. Post-calving, dairy cows often face complications like retained placenta and irregular lochial discharge, which can hinder their overall well-being and subsequent milk production. These issues not only extend the recovery period but can also lead to infertility, significantly affecting the cow’s ability to conceive again. Such reproductive challenges can result in economic losses for dairy farmers due to decreased milk yield and increased veterinary costs.

Ensuring a swift and healthy post-partum recovery is paramount. Addressing these reproductive health challenges is crucial for maintaining a consistent production cycle and optimizing the overall yield in dairy farming.

What is Examace

Examace is powerful botanical ecbolic to ensure optimal post-calving recovery. Made with potent herbal extracts, Examace not only aids in the expulsion of the retained placenta but also regulates lochial discharge, setting the stage for a swift and healthy recovery. Its unique formulation harnesses the power of herbs that stimulate smooth muscle contractions and mimic the action of gonadotropins, and improve immunity of uterus, vital for optimal reproductive health.

Whether it’s enhancing fertility or ensuring a smooth post-partum phase, Examace is the dairy farmer’s trusted ally in optimizing production and safeguarding cattle well-being.

How Examace Works?

Examace is meticulously formulated to address the core challenges of post-calving recovery. Its primary action promotes the involution of the uterus, preparing it for the subsequent calving cycle in a timely manner. As an ideal uterine cleanser, Examace facilitates the expulsion of lochia discharge, ensuring a clean and healthy uterine environment. This process also aids in the efficient expulsion of the placenta. The power behind Examace lies in its herbal constituents: Piper longum, Adhatoda vasica, and Lepidum sativum.

These herbs, scientifically validated for their efficacy, work synergistically to ensure the optimal contraction and cleansing of the uterus, setting the stage for enhanced reproductive health and readiness.



Disclaimer for Non-U.S. Feed Additives

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Feeding Recommendation

Expulsion of Placenta
Post-calving /Retained placenta:
Cows, Buffaloes, Mares Day 1 : 100 ml twice day
Cows, Buffaloes, Mares Till Days 3/5 - 50 ml twice day
Ewes, Does Day 1 : 40 ml twice daily
Infertility Treatment:
Cows, Buffaloes, Mares 100 ml/day ( for 10 days )
Ewes, Does 40 ml/day (10 days) oral use only

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