Introducing Livomace D: Nature’s Elixir for Liver Vitality

Step into the realm of holistic dairy cow health with Livomace D, a potent herbal extract-based liver tonic designed for the modern dairy farmer. Infused with renowned herbs like Phyllanthus emblica, Ashwagandha, Selymarine extract, and a plethora of others, Livomace D stands as a testament to nature’s healing power. These herbs, celebrated for their liver-protective and rejuvenative properties, come together to offer a comprehensive solution for liver health.

Whether it’s strengthening liver parenchyma, removing fats from liver cells, or optimizing liver function, Livomace D is the dairy farmer’s trusted ally in ensuring peak liver health and functionality.

Understanding the Challenge in Dairy Production: Liver Health and Functionality

The liver plays a pivotal role in the overall health and productivity of dairy cows. It’s the primary organ responsible for metabolism, detoxification, and nutrient storage. However, various factors, including toxins, poor diet, and stress, can compromise liver health, leading to suboptimal liver function. This can result in reduced milk production, poor nutrient absorption, and a decline in overall cow vitality.

Ensuring the liver’s health and functionality is paramount, as it directly impacts the cow’s well-being and the quality of milk produced. Addressing liver health challenges is crucial for the prosperity of the dairy herd.

How Livomace D Works

Livomace D harnesses the power of nature to rejuvenate and protect the liver. Phyllanthus emblica, known for its antioxidant properties, combats oxidative stress in liver cells. Ashwagandha, a renowned adaptogen, aids in combating stress and revitalizing the liver. Selymarine extract acts as a potent liver protector, while choline chloride aids in fat metabolism. Herbs like Terminalia arjuna and Andrographic paniculata work synergistically to strengthen liver parenchyma and enhance liver function. Eclipta alba and Boerhavia diffusa further support liver health, ensuring optimal detoxification and metabolism.

Together, these herbal constituents create a protective shield around the liver, ensuring its health, vitality, and optimal functionality.

Revive, Restore, Rejuvenate: Livomace D, Nature’s Touch for Liver Brilliance

Feeding Recommendation

Dairy Cow & Buffalo 50 ml once daily
Sheep & Goat 10-15 ml once daily

Pack & Presentation

This product is available in HDPE Jar

Jar 1 Liter and 5 Liter

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