RDL scientists attended Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management conference 2021

In the first week of June, RDL scientists attended Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management conference 2021. Several topics were presented which were of interest to RDL. Out of these two presentations were of special interest, one by D. Cordoso of University of Illinois on Nutritional Strategies for Alleviating Heat Stress in Dairy Cows. He discussed various nutritional approaches including minerals like K, Na, Mg and Se and the amino acids like Methionine. The primary strategy should be heat stress abatement (shade, soakers, fans, etc. But there is no dietary magic pill. RDL has unique products to alleviate the effects of heat stress, RDL products lactomace and Trigestomace can help. This is a based on the data based on published university field studies. Lactomace contains fermentation extracts including enzymes and metabolites of three different organisms. Trigestomace contains yeast hydrolysates containing mannans and glucans. Trigestomace also helps in preventing the attachment of pathogens to the animal gut.

           The second presentation of interest to RDL was by Prof. Goff of Iowa State University on “What is Happening in the Gut in the Scouring Calf and Effective Fluid Therapy”. After presenting the anatomy of intestinal walls and transport of various nutrients and minerals across the cell membrane, he discussed various causes of diarrhea occurring in calves. The classical causes are Secretory Excessive secretions of Na, Cl and water, Malabsorption of solutes and water, and Osmotic diarrhea. He further discussed various options, including yeast mannans, available to farmers to control diarrhea in calves. RDL has a specific product which can help farmers- calface. The calface contains antibodies to fight various pathogens thus incurring passive immunity. It also contains yeast glucans and mannans to improve overall health of calves.

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