Merrick’s Show Advantage™ Partners Program

What are these products? What do they do?

What are these products? What do they do? Getting from start to finish is an important timeline for show animals. Merrick’s wants to help you achieve the best show animal possible — maybe even get that blue ribbon! Merrick’s Show AdvantageÔ will help with this process.

Mega 3®, as the base product will give your animals the nutrients they need, especially the fatty acid profile. These fatty acids play a vital role in different body functions such as cardiovascular and immune systems.

Get Mega 3®, but with extra benefits

Probios®, a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen, Inc., has a long history of success with show animals and we have added it to Mega 3® for that extra benefit from probiotics. Showing time can be stressful to your animals. This can lead to loss of appetite and general lack of thriftiness. Gro & Glo powered by Probios® can help support the management of these challenges.


Gro & Glo powered by Ovoceutin™:

This product helps support metabolic function. Ovoceutin™, a trademark of Vets Plus, Inc., is an egg protein that acts as a natural additive. This has all the benefits of Mega 3® with the addition of Ovoceutin™, which will support your animal during the growing phase and at show time. Ovoceutin™ may help your animal manage stress from environmental challenges which can aid in proper weight management and growth.