Mega 3

A comprehensive fatty acid supplement rich in ALAs that works to maintain normal health and reproductive functions while aiding in the delivery of end consumer products that contain high levels of Omega 3s.


A powerful trio of SPC enzymes that maintain microbes to support optimal rumen function and make forage digestion more efficient to support quality milk production.


Aid fiber breakdown for optimal digestion and absorption of vital nutrients with this powerful AO fermentation product. Zymace supports performance, especially during heat stress and periods of low feed intake.


A powerful trio of SPC enzymes that supports optimal weight gain and reproductive performance by increasing the fiber digestion of feed and forage for beef cattle on pasture and in feed yards.

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A broad-spectrum approach to maintaining digestive tract health and performance while enhancing ration palatability. This 3-in-1 supplement supports mucosal gut health and natural immunity for improved weight gain, milk production and feed efficiency.

Trigestamace SCP

The 3-in-1 power of TrigestamaceĀ® in a soluble concentrated powder that supports digestion in the rumen and hind gut to get more value from feed, especially fibers and starch. Aid health and performance while increasing efficiency.


A stabilized liquid whole egg protein supplement for young animals designed to maintain digestive function and feed efficiency during times of stress and transition. Flexible application makes it easy to support optimal health for long-term health and performance.


Minimize the health and performance impacts of stress in newborn and young calves. This unique combination of metabolites, MOS, beta glucans and yeast culture help maintain the digestive process and natural immunity levels.

Spec 7

Maintain natural immunity and support optimum digestive health and performance with the most robust product on the market. Ideal for finished feeds or complete mixes, the blend of seven ingredients includes digestive enzymes to maintain microbial balance in the gut and a strong appetite for optimal performance.

While Supplies Last

While Supplies Last!

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