Effects of Trigestamace® Supplementation on Performance of Early-Lactation Dairy Cows

R&D LifeSciences• recognizes the challenges faced by producers to sustain profitability while maximizing production. R&D LifeScience’s product, Trigestamace•, offers an exceptional cost-effective solution. Trigestamace• was developed as a three-fold digestive enhancement product from hydrolyzed and fractionated yeast, a rich source of MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharides), Beta Glucans and Enzymes. These three powerful ingredients provide the production animal with an arsenal of tools to maximize feed digestibility, rumen microbial growth and immunity. The active ingredients in Trigestamace• promote feed efficiency by acting in a prebiotic capacity. At the same time, Trigestamace• boosts the immune system and blocks the adhesion of disease-causing pathogens. This causes a reduction in infection, resulting in a healthier animal and less need for antibiotics. A healthier animal also provides better quality milk. A trial was conducted at the University of Missouri to determine if Trigestamace• fed to lactating dairy cows altered milk production, efficiency and milk composition in early lactation.


This 60-day study at the University of Missouri involved 60 Holstein cows in early lactation. The cows were stratified by body weight (BW), body condition scoring (BCS), previous milk production and parity. The cows were randomly assigned to one of two diets: control (CON) or CON with

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