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Fermentation to Phytogenic Ingredients

Phytogenic Ingredients

RDL excels in consistently obtaining high-quality raw materials through its Asia Pacific Regional Office. The company rigorously assesses these materials using over 20 stringent quality parameters. Batch-to-batch consistency is maintained by aligning the active markers in the raw materials with specific reference marker compounds.

Polyphenol Chelates

RDL is in the process of securing a patent for an innovative ingredient that enhances the bioavailability of Polyphenols. This unique formulation of Polyphenol chelates by RDL can serve as functional ingredients, combining the advantages of polyphenols with those of immunity-boosting or trace metals. Our research confirms a marked increase in absorption due to our specialized chelation technology. For further details, please feel free to reach out to us.

RDL's Phytogenic are of Premium Quality due to

Total Control

From herb procurement to the finished product, ensuring consistent quality and efficacy

Standardized Raw Materials

Adherence to 20+ stringent parameters for raw material quality

Advanced Processing

Utilization of state-of-the-art extraction, processing and encapsulation technology

Batch to Batch Consistency

Standardization against reference marker compounds for uniformity in finished products to ensure reliability

Phytogenic ingredients from RDL

Herbal Extracts

Phyto-Oil Blend

Herb Powders

Why Polyphenol Chelates are Superior?

Diverse Benefits

Acts as an immune booster, inflammation controller, antimicrobial agent, and gut microbiome optimizer

Advance Technology

Development of patent-pending technologies to chelate these compounds with relevant minerals with advanced low drying technology

Synergistic Effects

Combination with minerals enhances both bioavailability and efficacy when administered to animals.

Bioavailability Challenge

Traditional limitations in the bioavailability of these compounds