Proprietary Technology


RDL stands at the forefront of innovation with its Next-Gen Bio-Enhancement technologies. RDL’s approach includes the utilization of proprietary bacterial and fungal strains, optimized for the production of essential elements like enzymes, peptides, growth factors, amino acids, and vitamins. LHMI is propritary technology of RDL where Metabolite Impregnation, a process that embeds these metabolites into carriers, maintaining their effectiveness is done at low temperature. Unlike standard spray drying methods, which use high temperatures (180°C – 200°C), RDL employs an advanced drying technique at a mere 50°C. This not only preserves the integrity of the metabolites but also enhances their efficacy, ensuring maximum benefits for animal health and nutrition.

 Proprietary Strains for Fermentation

Utilize unique bacteria and fungus strains for optimal production of enzymes, peptides, growth factors, amino acids, and vitamins through media optimization

Low Heat Metabolite Impregnation Technology.

This technique embeds metabolites into a carrier, preserving their viability through advanced Drying Technology. Instead of typical spray drying (180°C – 200°C), RDL employs a proprietary drying method at 50°C. It ensures all metabolites remain active in the additive, offering a superior delivery method for maximal animal benefit.