Our Process

RDL Lifesciences Solutions Development Process

At RDL Lifesciences, the emphasis is on developing customer-centric solutions. This process initiates with the careful selection of proprietary bacterial and fungal strains to enhance the production of enzymes, peptides, and growth factors through optimized media. The company employs a novel metabolite impregnation technique, which allows metabolites to be physically adsorbed onto a carrier, thereby preserving their effectiveness and viability.

Distinct from its competitors, RDL employs cutting-edge drying technology for its range of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotic fermentation blends. This is in contrast to the conventional spray drying processes typically conducted at temperatures ranging from 180°C to 200°C. RDL’s proprietary drying technique operates at a significantly lower temperature of 50°C, offering dual benefits: substantial energy savings and the preservation of metabolite activity within the additives, leading to a superior delivery method that maximizes benefits.

In the realm of phytogenics, RDL boasts a strategic advantage in sourcing high-quality herbal raw materials through its Asia Pacific Office, leveraging India’s renowned expertise in traditional herbal practices. The company’s dedication to quality is evident in its procurement of only the most potent herbs, which are rich in active marker compounds and free from foreign contaminants. RDL adheres to more than 20 rigorous quality parameters for raw material assessment and standardizes the transition from raw material to finished product against reference marker compounds. This ensures uniformity and reliability in each batch.