RDL's Esteemed Advisors and Technical Team

Mr. Rajiv Lall

Global CEO

M.S. (Developmental Microbiology)

M.S. Pharmacognosy

Rajiv Lall, the Global CEO of RD LifeSciences, holds M.S. degrees in Developmental Microbiology and Pharmacognosy. As a distinguished innovator and researcher in the USA, he not only oversees the operations of RD LifeSciences and several other companies but also plays a pivotal role in developing new intellectual properties and patents for RD LifeSciences’ solutions. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the field of nutraceuticals through his authorship of various books and publications in the domain.

Dr. Lance Baumgard

RDL Advisor

Distinguished Professor, Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professor in Dairy Nutrition, Iowa State University

Dr. Lance Baumgard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as an advisor at RD LifeSciences. Serving as a distinguished professor and the Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professor in Dairy Nutrition at Iowa State University, he leverages a deep understanding of dairy nutrition to guide our endeavors. His prolific academic background and dedicated research in the field position him as a guiding force in RD LifeSciences’ mission to advance in the sphere of animal health and nutrition. His insights and guidance are integral in steering the company towards groundbreaking solutions rooted in scientific excellence.

Dr. Ramesh Gupta

RDL Advisor

Professor and Head, Toxicology Department, Breathitt Veterinary Center, Murray State University

As the head of the Toxicology Department at Breathitt Veterinary Center, Murray State University, Dr. Ramesh Gupta brings a rich background of expertise in toxicology to RD LifeSciences. In his capacity as an advisor, Dr. Gupta oversees critical aspects of product safety and efficacy, ensuring that all offerings meet the highest standards of quality. His extensive knowledge in the field of veterinary toxicology makes him an invaluable asset to the team, aiding in the development of products that are both safe and highly effective. Dr. Gupta’s leadership in toxicology is a pillar of RD LifeSciences’ commitment to excellence and innovation in animal health solutions.

Dr. Prafulla Kumar

Director Technical Sales and Research

D.V.M. MBA, (International Business)

At RDL’s headquarters in Largo, Florida, Dr. Prafulla leads as the Director of Technical Sales and Research. His expertise, grounded in a Veterinary Science Degree, is augmented by advanced training from renowned institutions like the Kellogg School of Management, the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, and Mumbai University. His global business acumen, honed across 60+ countries, complements his innovative skills in developing business matrix tracking and ROI calculators, marking him as a leader in industry innovation.

Dr. Dan Dubourdieu

Director Research and Development

Ph.D (Pharmacognosy/Biochemistry)

Dr. Stephen Coon

M.S. (Molecular Biology), Ph.D (Physiology)



Dr. Jamil Talukder

Director, Production

D.V.M, Ph.D Veterinary Science


Dr. Abhishek Parmar

D.V.M. M.S, Ph.D (Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Hardik Patel

D.V.M. M.S (Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Hannah Chepyshko

Ph.D Biotechnology