Our Journey


In June 2008, R&D Lifesciences LLC began its journey in Menomonie, Wisconsin, setting the stage for biotechnological breakthroughs with a modern manufacturing facility. This venture quickly bore fruit with the 2010 debut of Zymace, a prebiotic featuring Aspergillus Oryzae 458, and the launch of Lactomace/Cattlemace, a unique three-way enzyme blend. The following year, the company introduced Trigestamace, combining Mannan OligoSaccharides (MOS), Beta glucans, and enzymes, revolutionizing animal health and nutrition.

By 2015, R&D Lifesciences had achieved global sales, reflecting its international acclaim and client trust. In 2022, the company expanded to Florida, establishing a new headquarters and manufacturing site, enhancing its market presence and operational effectiveness.

In a strategic 2023 move, R&D Lifesciences opened an Asia Pacific Regional office, a manufacturing unit, and a global R&D center in Ahmedabad, India, fortifying its distribution network and reinforcing its leadership in the global animal health and nutrition industry.

Today, R&D Lifesciences stands as a paragon of innovation, quality, and industry influence, relentlessly advancing animal health through scientific excellence.