Dairy Cows and Rumen Health

27 Sep, 2023

Dairy cows are converter of feed to useful proteins that we human can consume. Rumen is like a big fermentation tank where useful microbes break fibers and other nutrients to produce volatile fatty acids and microbial proteins. These helps to release more nutrients that cow can use to convert feed into milk efficiently. However due to various factors rumen health is at risk due to antibiotic therapy, sickness, toxins etc. in Such cases Rumen can not function properly and their beneficial rumen micro get affected adversely and hence fermentation speed and quality reduces significantly.

By providing right kind of prebiotics which are food of these good microbes and other metabolites can help to bring rumen health normalcy very quickly.

RDL has several such solutions which can help dairy cow health and production in these kind of challenges.

Have a look at RDL’s Dairy Cow Product Section about related issue and solutions

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