RDL’s Cutting-Edge Strategies to Overcome Poultry Farming Challenges

27 Sep, 2023

In the heart of rural landscapes and bustling farms, the world of poultry farming stands as a very important protein supplier to human. Poultry farming, encompassing chickens, ducks, and turkeys, has evolved beyond traditional backyard setups into an industry with significant global importance. Thanks to highly effective nutrition fortified feed, which is aimed at more conversion per gm poultry eats. But stress of production brings some challenges too as bird has to cope with the intrinsic capacity. This is where role of functional feed supplements comes in. RDL has range of functional supplements that can help these birds to have optimal production during these challenges.

RDL has solution for efficient feed conversion, quality meat production, alternative to natural antimicrobials, help to minimize issues of campylobacterium, coccidia and necrotic enteritis, leaky gut and various stress challenges. Have a look at RDL’s poultry product offerings

For layers, RDL has solutions for efficient egg production, egg shell quality, alternative to antibiotics, leaky gut and heat stress.

Most of the antibiotics today are used wrongly to grow these birds. These give rise to superbugs or drug resistant bacterias which pose serious threat to human. RDL’s solution to replace antibiotic as growth promoter can help in this development of antimicrobial resistance.

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