Elevating Beef Cattle Health and Productivity with RD LifeSciences

27 Sep, 2023

Beef cattle farmers globally face a myriad of challenges that impact the health and productivity of their herds. Issues such as suboptimal feed digestion due to inefficient fermentation processes, rumen dysfunction, and inadequate nutrition can trigger a range of health problems, including metabolic diseases like milk fever, increased somatic cell counts in milk like in mastitis, and reproductive issues like retained placenta and infertility.

In this intricate landscape, RD LifeSciences emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering scientifically formulated feed additives, including prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotic fermentation blends like Cattlemace, Spec-7, Trigestamace etc. These revolutionary products not only enhance gut health to facilitate improved feed digestion through effectively helping in fiber, protein and starch digestion.

We at RDL believe that maintenance of health is better than treatment of disease. By optimizing health of beef cattle, we can ensure optimal growth and productivity. By addressing these critical health concerns, RD LifeSciences empowers farmers to increase beef yields and achieve a favorable return on investment while nurturing the well-being of their cattle.

RDL has has range of solutions for Rumen health, supporting immunity, maintaining consistent productivity during forage variation, leaky gut and heat stress. Ask our expert for more information if you face these challenges in your farm.

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