In the field of modern animal farming, maintaining the delicate balance between optimal animal health and high productivity presents a challenging task. Immumace, our innovative feed supplement, is designed to meet these challenges head-on. It combines the health-promoting benefits of cranberry polyphenols with zinc chelated with cranberry polyphenols, with the intent to augment antioxidant activity, provide antimicrobial effects, and bolster the immune system of farm animals.

Production of Immumace

Immumace is a carefully formulated feed supplement that contains the goodness of polyphenols from different kind of berries like cranberry, elderberry etc and the chelated complex of zinc with berry polyphenols. These berries are harvested at their peak nutritional value, processed to extract their polyphenols while preserving their bioactive properties. Zinc, an essential trace immunity mineral, is then chelated with the cranberry polyphenols, enhancing its bioavailability and allowing for superior absorption and utilization within the animal’s body.

Mechanism of Action

Cranberry polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that mitigate oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. They also exert antimicrobial effects by inhibiting the adhesion of harmful bacteria to the gut lining. The chelated form of zinc, coupled with cranberry polyphenols, ensures higher bioavailability and utilization, leading to optimal support for the immune system, metabolic function, and maintenance of the skin and mucosal membranes.

Benefits to Animal Farm Productivity

Immumace brings several advantages to animal farming, addressing several aspects of animal health and productivity.

In poultry farming, Immumace’s antioxidant and antimicrobial properties contribute to maintaining a balanced gut microbiota, a crucial aspect for optimal bird health. The enhanced immune support helps reduce the incidence of common diseases and mortality rates, leading to improved overall flock health and productivity. The zinc chelated with cranberry polyphenols supports growth, feather quality, and eggshell strength, translating into better meat and egg production.

For dairy cattle, Immumace can enhance udder health and improve milk quality and yield. The polyphenols and zinc can strengthen immune response, mitigating the risks of mastitis and other common dairy cow diseases. The better overall health status of the cattle can lead to increased milk yield and improved reproductive performance, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable dairy operation.

In pig production, Immumace offers valuable support for growth performance, reproductive efficiency, and disease resistance. The zinc in Immumace aids in various metabolic processes and supports the integrity of the skin and mucosal barriers, critical for maintaining a healthy herd. The antimicrobial properties of polyphenols contribute to maintaining a balanced gut microbiota, leading to better nutrient absorption, improved weight gain, and reproductive success.

Application and Conclusion

Immumace can be incorporated into the regular diet of farm animals as a feed supplement. Its versatile nature makes it compatible with different farming systems, whether it’s poultry, dairy cattle, or pig production. It brings the promise of a more balanced, healthier farming system, favoring both the animals and the farmers.

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