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Trigestamace is a specialty blended product made from hydrolysed and fractionated yeast, a rich source of MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharides), Beta Glucans and Enzymes. The multi-tiered product works in the ruminal and hind-gut digestive processes by maintaining hydrolysis of specific nutrient components, especially fibers and starch. it also provides a broad spectrum of benefits, aiding in immune response and rumen fermentation.

Understanding the Challenge in Dairy production

In the multifaceted realm of dairy farming, striking a balance between managing production costs and delivering high-quality milk is an ongoing challenge. Maintaining consistent appetite, dry matter intake, and a harmonious microbial environment in the cow’s gut is crucial for optimal production outcomes. These factors directly influence weight gain, feed efficiency, and overall milk yield. However, a healthier cow doesn’t just produce more; it produces better, exemplified by superior milk quality. Recent studies, such as one conducted at the University of Missouri, underscored the significance of these parameters. This research evaluated milk production, efficiency, and composition in early lactation dairy cows, with specific attention to milk quality. An integral marker of health, the somatic cell count (SCC), further elucidated the challenges dairy farmers face, especially considering the associated expenses of addressing illnesses and diseases.

How Trigestamace Works?

At its core, Trigestamace operates on a three-tiered approach. It targets both the ruminal and hind-gut digestive processes, maintaining the hydrolysis of specific nutrient components, particularly fibers and starch. This multi-action combination also supports mucosal health in the gut and bolsters natural immunity, creating a more resilient and productive herd.

“Fueling Feed with Yeast Power: Unleashing Beta Glucan, MOS, and Enzyme Excellence”

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Feeding Recommendation

Calves 3.5 gm/head/day
Heifers 7 gm/head/day
Transistion Cows 28 gm/head/day
Lactation Cows 14 gm/head/day
Beef Calves 3.5 gm/head/day
Beef Growers 14 gm/head/day

Pack & Presentation

This product is available in Polyliner Bag

Bag 50 Lbs (22.7 kg)

Scientific Reports

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Milk Production


Feed Conversion

Forage Variation

Fiber Digestion

Starch Digestion

Protein Digestion

Leaky Gut

Heat Stress

Transition Cow


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