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Introducing Lactomace®: our exclusive, drug-free postbiotic blend of SPC Enzymes® (comprising fermentation mix from Aspergillus oryzae, Trichoderma viride, and Bacillus subtilis). Designed for dairy farmers and nutritionists, it fortifies dairy cows with the vital rumen microflora crucial for best-in-class digestion, escalating feed efficiency. Lactomace® ensures the retention of essential nutrients such as microbial protein, amino acids, and vitamins within the digestive pathway.

Understanding the Challenge in Dairy production

In the dairy industry, producing premium milk revolves around a cow’s proficiency in digesting forages. Factors like heat stress, drought, digestive imbalances, or questionable forage quality can jeopardize appetite and hinder optimal digestion. The key is amplifying the digestibility of starch, protein, and cellulose (SPC) in feed. Enhanced digestibility allows cows to derive greater nutrition from their meals, paving the way for superior health, performance, and a reduced ecological footprint concerning feed production and waste.

How Lactomace® Works?

Lactomace® stands out with its distinctive blend of SPC Enzymes® (Aspergillus oryzae, Trichoderma viride, Bacillus subtilis). Its magic lies in magnifying the digestibility of starch, protein, and cellulose present in a cow’s nourishment. By decomposing these intricate compounds more effectively, cows harness more nourishment from identical feed quantities.

This enzyme ensemble not only bolsters the microbial milieu in the rumen but also amplifies feed’s effective consumption. Especially during challenging phases (Stress and Transistion), Lactomace® counteracts adverse effects on hunger and digestion, consistently promoting feed absorption and utility. For dairy farmers and nutritionists aiming for top-tier results, Lactomace® is the solution.

Benefits of Lactomace:

  • Improves milk yield and quality
  • Maintains feed intake
  • Reduce the physiological impact of heat stress
  • Gain feed efficiency without the use of antibiotics
  • Unlock the full potential of forages

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Feeding Recommendation

Transistion Cows 5-10 gm/head/day
Lactation Cows 5-10 gm/head/day
Calves 1-2 gm/head/day

Pack & Presentation

This product is available in Polyliner Bag

Bag 50 Lbs (22.7 kg)

Scientific Reports

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Milk Production

Feed Conversion

Forage Variation

Fiber Digestion

Starch Digestion

Protein Digestion

Leaky Gut

Heat Stress

Transition Cow


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