The Ultimate Nutritional Armor for Dairy Cows

Elevate your dairy herd’s health with Nutrimace D, a premium feed supplement designed to cater to the holistic nutritional needs of dairy cows. Packed with a potent blend of chelated minerals and essential vitamins like A, D3, and E, Nutrimace D is the answer to the diverse nutritional challenges faced by dairy farmers. It doesn’t stop there; with elements like Nicotinamide, Cobalt, Copper, and a host of other minerals, combined with DL Methionine, Selenium, and Live Yeast, this supplement ensures improved milk production, robust immunity, and radiant hoof and coat conditions.

Dive into a world where mineral deficiencies are a thing of the past, and dairy cows thrive in optimal health.

Understanding the Challenge in Dairy Production: Mineral Deficiencies and Overall Health

The health and productivity of dairy cows are intricately linked to their nutritional intake. Mineral deficiencies can lead to a myriad of health issues, ranging from reduced milk production to compromised immunity and poor hoof and coat conditions. Ensuring a balanced and consistent intake of essential minerals and vitamins is paramount.

However, the challenge lies in delivering these nutrients in a form that’s easily absorbed and utilized by the cows. Addressing these nutritional gaps is vital for the overall well-being of the herd and the quality of milk they produce.

How Nutrimace D Works

Nutrimace D stands out with its chelated mineral formulation, ensuring maximum absorption and bioavailability. The vitamins present bolster immunity and enhance metabolic functions. Nicotinamide aids in enzyme activity, while elements like Cobalt and Copper play crucial roles in hematopoiesis and connective tissue formation, respectively. Iodine supports thyroid function, and Magnesium ensures neuromuscular health.

The inclusion of DL Methionine promotes protein synthesis, and Live Yeast aids in optimizing gut health and nutrient absorption. Selenium acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative stress. Together, these components work in harmony, ensuring that dairy cows not only meet but exceed their nutritional requirements, leading to improved health and productivity.

Unlock Optimal Health: Nutrimace, Nutrition’s Ace for Dairy Excellence

Feeding Recommendation

Cow, Buffalo & Horse 50 to 100 gm once daily
Calf, Sheep & Goat 25 to 30 gm once daily
Pig 25 to 35 gm once daily
Poultry 1 kg per Ton of feed
Fish/Aqua 1 Kg per 100 gm of feed

Pack & Presentation

This product is available in attractive Pouch

Pouch 1.2 kg

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